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Terms and Conditions

No Guarantee

No Guarantee. Historic Building Studio Ltd undertakes to provide the services described and the general proposal to the best of its ability and seeks to meet all agreed, relevant deadlines within its direct control. Historic Building Studio Ltd. cannot guarantee the outcome of any application, submission, report, review, or appeal as these are not under its direct control.

Alterations without consent is a criminal offence

The Client understands that carrying out alterations in a listed building without consent is a criminal offence. Historic Building Studio takes no responsibility for the actions taken by the Client outside of the advice provided.

The Client is obliged by this agreement to

  • Pay in full any invoices issued from Historic Building Studio Ltd. concerning this agreement by or before the due date specified on those invoices.
  • Provide Historic Building Studio Ltd. with all information relevant to the proposal to enable the completion of the documents for planning.
  • Disclose and provide to Historic Building Studio Ltd. all information of which it is aware relating to site hazards and safety (including but not limited to the presence of asbestos and/or any other material likely to be hazardous to human health (whether known, likely or suspected); structural issues, slip hazards, etc.), prior to any site visit.
  • Provide a safe site for the duration of any visit.
  • Provide all third-party consultant materials in final form a minimum of one week (seven calendar days) prior to the issue of a final draft for heritage reports or two weeks (fourteen calendar days) prior to the issue of final architectural documentation.


Fees have been calculated based on information provided by the Client at the time of writing the fee proposal. Should this information change, Historic Building Studio Ltd reserves the right to charge for variations or to reissue a revised fee proposa

Invoices under 14-day terms

Payment is subject to strict 14-day terms. For amounts outstanding after 30 days from the date of issue of the last invoice, interest will be charged at 15% per annum, calculated daily. Clients will also be charged recovery costs for any such amounts

Invoice online consultations

Payment is due prior the day arranged for the meeting. No payment in advance will result in the cancellation of the meeting.

What does it mean if a building is listed?

A listed building is a structure protected by law. This protection does not stop the building from changing. It attempts to prevent alterations that would put at risk the significance of that specific building.

Due to its statutory protection, damage to a listed building could be prosecuted. Before carrying out works in a listed building, you should ensure that this won’t affect the significance of your listed building. Contact your local authority if you are unclear.

To learn more about how buildings became listed, you can visit  ‘The history of heritage protection and the first listed buildings’

Professional Insurance

Professional Insurance: work carried out by Historic Building Studio Ltd. is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Certificates of currency may be provided on request.


The documents produced remain the intellectual property of Historic Building Studio Ltd.


Limited liability

Historic Building Studio Ltd’s total aggregate liability to the Client arising from or in connection with any services, howsoever arising, shall in no event exceed 125% of fees paid or payable to Historic Building Studio Ltd in respect of the services provided. Neither party shall be liable for any indirect losses to the extent permitted by law


Cessation of Service

Should the Client wish to terminate, transfer to another company, sell on or suspend (for any period longer than 21 calendar days) Historic Building Studio’s services, the Client will be liable for all fees and charges accrued to the time of notification of the termination or suspension.

  • An invoice for the outstanding amount will be raised and payable within seven calendar days from the day the notice of termination or suspension was issued.
  • Should Historic Building Studio Ltd wish to terminate the provision of its services, it will notify the Client in writing of its decision to do so fourteen calendar days in advance of that date.

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