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historic building

Historic buildings can come in many forms beyond listed buildings. Signs of history are present in traditional buildings, conservation areas, buildings of local interest and buildings in world heritage sites.

Clapham Park, the dream of Thomas Cubitt

During the early nineteenth century, Thomas Cubitt saw a long commute from London to Clapham as an opportunity. His mission was to convert the empty land between Clapham and Brixton into a new upper-class neighbourhood.

Historic Building Studio's heritage consultant

What is a heritage consultant in relation to a listed building?

If you own a listed building, you could benefit from the service of a heritage consultant. Learn more about what they can offer at different stages. From buying, redesigning, applying for planning and achieving your dream home.

Terrace house South London red brick and white render built for the working class not listed but a relevant historic building

What is a historic building?

Do you wonder why some old buildings are protected? Learn to identify a historic building and why not only listed buildings are relevant.