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Services for charities

Your charity is focused on historic buildings, but you don’t have enough in-house resources. I will free you from those tasks that require a heritage specialist, allowing you to focus on your expertise. I will deliver on the time agreed, while producing a professional result at a reasonable cost. This will empower your efforts towards the building you want to support.

Fair price policy

I am transparent about my prices from the start. I understand how important it is for charities to demonstrate value for money. I am committed to the preservation of heritage, so I have developed a tier approach to quotes for charities. The price you pay is adjusted to your income.

“Really fantastic, evocative and beautiful rich colours. Thank you so much for your photography.”

Dr Nicola Stacey, Director at Heritage of London Trust

Wrens spire detail

Caseworker support

The number of applications submitted has increased over time. My support will allow you to cover a higher number dedicating the required time to each one.

  • Comment on Planning Application submissions
  • Summary for comments on applications
  • Research

Architectural images for your campaign or report

An image of your building will be helpful in many different circumstances. I can provide you with the mix of detail and contextual images that better describe your building.

  • Before and after
  • Contextual images
  • During the restoration
  • For your communications: website, campaign, social media, reports

Assess your building's condition

The level of decay will determine the risk of the building. An assessment will inform you on the first steps towards the recovery of the building.

  • Site visit
  • Structural condition by an engineer
  • Assessment of existing materials
  • Photography
  • Advice on condition
  • Illustrated report


Taking care of buildings is your most important task, but communicating this to others is crucial. I can support you creating content that adapts to your needs.

  • Archive research
  • Reviews
  • Summary
  • Research findings
  • Buildings at risk entries
  • For your publication

Propose strategies for reuse and Options appraisals

A safe building is a building in use. I’ll work with you to assess how to bring life back into your building, based on its potential and its context. 

  • Architectural and Historic Research
  • Contextual research
  • Reuse options
  • Illustration of strategies
  • Presentation panels

Thank you for all your work on Wentworth Woodhouse. Your designs have been invaluable and certainly made an impact! The presentation was a success.”

logo experience

Mike Fox, Ex-Deputy Director at Save Britain’s Heritage

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